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Fluffy warm faux fur coat women Fake fur short winter coat female

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     collocationWith the development of social civilization, women’s status in social life has been improved, and the unique sense of self-reliance and self-reliance has enhanced Alkaid Girl brand to provide a perfect clothing mix for Ms. Amy. The unique aesthetic has always been at the forefront, and the clothes are The second layer of skin, the aesthetics of clothing gradually increased, and the changes in the economic level and the change of understanding, Alkaid Girl clothing store focused on creating fashionable women’s clothing, popular fashion mix, reasonable price, best-selling products, Has been widely welcomed by Alkaid Girl, and gives confidence and beauty to women, if you want to know more With more fashionable women’s wear, standing at the front of fashion.


In the increasingly fierce competition of clothing brands, the sales of women’s wear in China has grown rapidly. Alkaid Girl has attracted a large number of consumers to purchase with a lot of trend, low inventory turnover days and low commodity prices. Therefore, it is easy to grasp the purchasing preferences of consumers. Positioning products, personalized clothing, mainstream fashion, color matching and style design are novel, consumer market is personalized, casual, diversified, fashionable, branded Alkaid Girl is your wardrobe,it will become Alkaid Girl in our Alkaid Girl clothing store.

In order to thank new and old customers, Alkaid Girl clothing store will occasionally have temporary discounts, temporary price reductions and other activities to meet the needs of consumers of different age levels, different economic status and different cultural backgrounds.Our clothing is centered on individuality, color matching and style design fully meet the needs of women’s consumption. Alkaid Girl clothing store is your choice not to regret, only to be the only “clothing”.

Woman Stand Collar Slim

Short Ultra Light

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Alkaid Girl

Alkaid Girl

Alkaid Girl


Warm faux fur coat

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black coat


Alkaid Girl

Alkaid Girl

Women Faux Coat

Warm Short Coats

Leather Jacket

Short Winter Jacket

Loose Parka Fur

Alkaid Girl

sports style

sports style

sports style

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black sweater


rainbow sweater


Weinsky Casual Style sale:$12.73

Rainbow Sweaters Sale:$17.99

Kpop BTS Hoodies Sale:$9.02


red sweater

green sweater

Sweater Long Sleeve Sale:$17.78

Female Knitted Sweater Sale:$9.89

Deep V Neck Crop Knit Sale:$14.00

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black tops

Female Cardigan Coat:$10.67

Long Sleeve Coat:$19.59

Four Colors Solid  Sale:$8.89



A beautiful woman is the best life, Alkaid Girl clothing store wears a woman’s beauty and fashion, improve temperament and image, please give us a chance to let the clothes find a sense of belonging.

black pants


Alkaid Girl fashion information can be used as a reference model for women to package themselves, beauty and fashion is synonymous with us. Let the fashion culture keep up with the pace of fashion.

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new jeans

We allows you to follow the footsteps of fashion, have a strong pursuit of fashion and dependence, and use fashion information as navigation to pursue fashion. Alkaid Girl clothing is fully integrated into the fashion charm, so that you can have your own ideas.

black jeans

Alkaid Girl clothing pursues low-priced, high-quality, high-level products. We pursue fashion and individuality while also allowing consumers to spend less, buy good goods, good quality, and low prices, which are popular among women.

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down coat

Alkaid Girl

Alkaid Girl

warm long jacket female

Navy Blue



Warm long jacket female


Alkaid Girl


Alkaid Girl

Warm long jacket female




Warm long jacket female


Alkaid Girl


Alkaid Girl



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Women Winter Coat
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Transportation and payment

Before we ship, We will carry out quality inspection and careful packaging, transportation and delivery time are not uniform, but please don’t worry too much, the time will be about 5-7 working days, at auction In the process, you only need to click the “pay now” button to pass the secure payment and checkout process. If you have any payment problems, please feel free to do so. Contact us and thank you for your understanding.Finally, I wish you a happy shopping at Alkaid Girl Clothing Store.

Alkaid Girl Brand innovation

Alkaid Girl clothing store product image is the intrinsic performance of brand image, online and offline sales for the brand to establish a development path, Alkaid Girl clothing store to establish their own logistics channels based on the existing express to build a logistics environment suitable for their environment, Alkaid Girl clothing Store vigorously promotes product development strategy, meets consumers’ needs with new materials, new technologies and newly designed product images. Throughout the heart, Alkaid Girl provides consumers with quality products. We builds brand based on brand image and advantage.

Customer first

Alkaid Girl clothing store establishes the “customer first” concept, Alkaid Girl clothing store to create a “customer first” environment, properly handle customer dissatisfaction and opinions. Improve customer satisfaction, strive to improve the technical content of products, establish a sound service system, and let female customers feel happy and satisfied with the brand image of Alkaid Girl clothing store. The service aim of the Alkaid Girl clothing store is to give confidence and beauty to the majority of women. If you want to know more fashion women’s wear, stand on the front of fashion.

Trend Leading

Women’s wear has always been the big part of the clothing market, leading the fashion and trend. From the trend of women’s brands in recent years, consumer demand is gradually becoming more and more personalized. Our Alkaid Girl clothing store is based on the principle of customer-oriented trend. To bring more quality and comfortable experience to the majority of women, let their styles become more individualized, and develop towards a diversified trend, so that the self-style of Zhang Yang, sexy, casual, and simple will be highlighted.Welcome to Alkaid Girl Clothing Store to buy products.

Chasing Dreams

A few years ago, Alkaid Girl’s dream had sprouted, but the trace market changed and changed. It seems to be a little confused. I once imagined that I could stand in a glamorous crowd and have opinions on my own clothes. He didn’t need to be gorgeous, as long as It is good to show your own personality, so the dream catcher with the seeds of the dream, began to look for, I do not know when, we found the inspiration, no longer hiding in the corner tightly holding the quilt, the heart is not willing to cry, chasing dreamers I began to work hard to find, on the road of chasing dreams, running hard and roaring, stumbling in the groping, and gradually leaking a smile. Since I chose to pursue my dreams, I must go on and go forever, and the dream will be pinched. As long as you work hard, you should have no regrets. “The mountain is heavy and the road is no doubt.” I remember this, my heart is full of positive energy, I will not forget “The darkness of the willow”, and will continue to go to ”  Bright flowers” to find my”Alkaid Girl”.



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