Teach you how to wear a ordinary shirt out of fashion.

This season’s temperament wild shirt can not be lacking?

  I really like shirts. I like shirts almost all year round. It is suitable for formal occasions, but also very casual and comfortable. Even if the shirt is classic and versatile, there are many young ladies who are upset because of it, and feel that wearing it is a bit monotonous and awkward. That’s because you didn’t find the correct way to open it. In order to let the young ladies and sisters wear a sense of fashion, here are nine tips to share with you. As long as you move your hands slightly, you will feel different!

one. Loose boyfriend wind wear method

It is also the most simple way to wear, very cool.

Two. Temperament wearing method

This is the most common way to wear, match the skirt and pants, it is very spirit!


Three. Asymmetric wearing method

The buttons can be interlaced, and the shirt hem is halfway into the pants.


Four. Unbutton the collar

If you always buckle the clothes, you will feel lifeless, dull and sturdy, and get to the right place, just right.


Five. The front clothes are put into the pants, and the clothes behind are taken out.

Free and easy nature

Six. Pull the shirt back slightly

Create a feeling of looseness, change the visual effect, and appear longer neck.



Seven. Knotted wearing method

Attach a shirt to your waist and make a bow-knot.

Eight. One-shoulder wearing method

Untie the 2. 3 th button above, pull the collars down and turn them into a shoulder or slant to reveal one shoulder.


Nine. Reverse wearing method

Can buckle the last two buttons.




If you have any questions about the type of clothing, match, you can leave a message to author, the fashion circle waiting for you!



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