Eight dressing tips

In the winter, many people have three floors and three floors, especially immediately to the double eleven. Many small partners can’t help but want to buy, but once a woman is 25 years old, she can’t be like a child. Just buy it, buy it and know what you should buy and what to wear. Learning these 8 dressing skills is better than buying 100 clothes.


1, clothes are not in a large number, we must pay attention to texture

Buying 10 pieces of clothing that only wears one or two times at the bottom of the box, it is better to use the money to buy one or two pieces of textured clothes to instantly improve your dressing taste. As we grow older, we should cultivate a vision of choosing a good material with more design than design. It is most important that the clothes are not in the texture.

2, TPO principle

The TPO principle must be followed in dressing. The TPO principle refers to wearing the clothes that appear at the appropriate time, place, and occasion. Strictly follow these three points, and it must not be wrong. Time, place, occasion.

3. Prepare several shirts of different materials.

Shirts are not always available, but the essential items of the wardrobe, white shirts are matched, others can never see your true age! With these shirts, you can mix them at will, and you won’t be in a formal situation.

4, bags, accessories, details determine the taste

Accessories can make a person wear a whole dress and add points, all the accessories must be combined with the dressing, can not be awkward. It is also necessary to learn to break the rules of jewelry matching, excessive decoration will only make people resentful.

5, color: light and dark combination

Color matching can be complicated or simple, and the easiest way is to match the light and dark. “Ming” refers to bright, high-brightness colors such as white, lemon yellow, and large red, all of which are typical bright colors. The “dark” is a color that looks calm and low-key, such as black, blue, and dark green. As a contrasting color, black and white is the pair that is the least mistaken.

6, the shape: elastic match

Winter clothes are most afraid of bloated and fat, and it is most annoying to be eaten by a thick coat. Therefore, in addition to the harmony of color, the choice of silhouette is also one of the important matching foundations. A moderately elastic fit on the silhouette not only modifies your body shape, but also creates the temperament style you want.

7, material: soft and hard

This seems difficult, but it is very understandable. The hard here is not the hardness of our usual touch, but the fabric that looks visually perfect, such as suits, denim, and leather. Soft is a soft material, cotton, chiffon, and knit are all soft materials. Hard materials such as denim and leather, and cotton and knitwear are perfect in winter. The whole mix is ​​very rhythmic, and the material is different and looks more layered.

8, a pair of exquisite high heels

Even if you don’t like high heels, you have to spare a pair of high heels that will enhance your temperament at home, otherwise you will never know the difference between wearing high heels and not wearing high heels.










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