Look at the color to wear the clothes

Wear clothes not only to match the tops, but also to match the color. Avoid the minefield and be beautiful every day!

Beautiful clothes are only good to match.
1. Do not wear shirts and ties with the same pattern on the patterned tops.
2. Striped or patterned tops need plain pants.
3. The color of the shoes should be in harmony with the color of the clothes.
4. The trouser legs should not be too short, otherwise it will give people a feeling of instability, and they will lose their weight.
5. When wearing the inner and outer two-piece suits, the color of the color is preferably the same color, or the contrast is large, and the combination will be more flavorful.

These colors will look great together.
1. Red with white, black, blue-gray, beige, gray,
2. Brown with beige, goose yellow, turn red, blue green, black,
3. Yellow with purple, blue, white, brown, black,
4. Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, beige,
5. Blue with white, pink blue, sauce red, gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow

Of course, you should also avoid the minefield.
1. The big face is not easy to wear a hat, the head is small, not a headscarf.
2. Obesity should not be revealed, and the backbone should be equipped with a high collar.
3. Black shoes do not wear white socks, red clothes do not wear green pants.
4. The thick legs do not wear skirts, and the thin legs do not wear loose pants.






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