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Women’s wear has always been a big part of the clothing market, leading fashion and fashion. Judging from the trend of female brand clothing in recent years, consumer demand has gradually changed to personalization. They pay more attention to the Self-style of publicity, relaxation, sexy, casual, simple and independent. Take a look at the trends that have been summarized for you, and perhaps find a style that best reflects your personality.


Elegant and refreshing

The use of transparent and thin fabric can achieve a cool and beautiful effect, silk and gauze and other transparent material splicing fabric is the most fashionable. The perspective of the whole body may not necessarily be accepted, but this design can be added to certain parts of the garment. The sleeves, skirts, collars, backs, etc., plus lace, beads, embroidery and other modifications are also very eye-catching.


Simple, simple, concise design is not a fleeting fashion, but a long-term exploration of human beings to recover an optimistic attitude of life. Simple clothing lines smooth, elegant, handsome and natural. The sloping fluency is combined with the precision of the flat, and the contrast between the texture and the profile is used to convey the unrestrained. Natural silk and hemp materials are used, and they are superimposed according to different textures. On the color, select some of the colors that are not conspicuous and have unique charm, black, white, gray, purple and blue. To highlight practical, able, concise, khaki, cotton, silk, silk and hemp use, with some elegant light color, look decent but not lose character.


Natural style

The magical nature not only gives us the resources to survive, but also gives us precious spiritual wealth. Only the pure nature can give birth to the pure mind. Fresh and pure sense of simplicity with the avantgarde of modern style, naturalism with simple and endless changes of attitude into fashion life. The texture of natural plants and animals is also a source of design inspiration. In the selection of fabrics, natural silk fabrics with bright luster, comfortable and smooth, and chemical fibers with soft and bright colors are selected, followed by beads, imitation pearls, and sequins, plus the treatment of different layers of folds. Can be those animal and plant skin skin performance is incisively and vividly.

Retro Classic

This season’s vintage style mainly shows a complicated and decorative style. It combines various elements such as fashion, custom, and drama to show similar story lines in an elegant and gorgeous manner. It is extremely tense. Typical Gothic architecture is embodied in fashion, wide shoulders, lace, tassels, etc.. Silk fabrics such as brocade, double palace silk, chiffon, silk and hemp are selected, supplemented by linen, and the most natural materials are used to restore the design. Original, natural side.


Elegant power

Every day busy in a reinforced concrete cast in the urban forest, want and lost, we have no choice. Soul can be pure, but desire is mixed with color. Clothing is dominated by elegant colors: beige, milky white, light ash. The use of cotton, hemp, and silk material shows the lightness of the spirit, conveying free and open spiritual power.


Black Cyclone

Fashion people say that black represents mystery; The avantgarde people say that black stands for cool; Mature people say that black is solemn. Black always reveals mature and calm breath. But on the other hand, black can create romantic charm and mystery sexy. Although the fashion runway is overflowing with color. It still can not stop the black whirlwind from rolling around the world. Different texture fabrics such as lacquer skin, chiffon, mesh eyes. Satin, etc. are spliced to form strong thick and thin, hard and soft, reflective and sublight, and contrast between reality and virtual.Making the clothing itself more vivid and changeable.


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